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a hard hitting factual documentary filmed in the outback of Australia it follows the journey of Courtney an Australian Sydney City socialite who knows nothing of the outback and its tough way of life hunting animals.
One of the first things he states is that he wants to keep an open mind about the hunting profession.

Full Documentary Hunting here



The Hunters from jeff boot on Vimeo.

TV show WildOutback presenter Courtney Dober

Courtney meets up with the hunters Chet and Kobie who have over 40 years of combined hunting experience.
They take him on an unforgettable journey to the wild outback of Australia.
Pigging (hunting wild boar) and Hunting Kangaroo.

more information on hunting wild pig and kangaroo in Australia

(pigging) hunting wild ferrel pigs in the outback is a bloody business

Courtney says he wants to keep an open mind as he sets off for his hunting trip.

He meets up with Chett and Kobie for a rollercoaster ride hunting animals and putting in the hours he never thought possible.

staying in a sheep shearing station in the middle of nowhere with strange people who use guns and knives to make their living in this tough profession.

and as if that is not enough to contend with he also shares a room with wild birds.

sweating hot days on dusty roads and freezing cold nights

Licenced Kangaroo Hunting Australia


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The plague of Kangaroos in Queensland

daytime Pig hunting on TV show WILDOUTBACK episode 1 THE HUNTERS


wild feral pig hunting Australia

This is a "show it as it really is " documentary that is rated R18 + by the production company MediaFX, and even then id advise you have both parents present and a big pillow to hide behind because this is quite gruesome in places.
It's not filmed to frighten or disgust the animal lovers.
Its a factual documentary that shows it as it is, professional hunters going to work to put food on the table for their family.

There are many moments during the episode that make you question the profession, such as the dogs getting hurt and animals dying but that's the way it is, without professional hunters the farming industry would suffer and pass on the losses they would make to the consumer at the checkout.

Hunting for wild boar wild pigs and Kangaroo in Australias wild outback is not for wimps.

it doesn't bring tourism into the country of Australia in any great strength but for real overseas hunters looking for a challenge this could be what your looking for.

watch the hunting action unfold in this opening episode. but be warned it does show everything.

This is a pure rush of adrenalin as you experience the hunt , the chase and the kill.

But theres more to it than just hunting chasing and killing, theres planning, organisation, and tactics because youl be surprised how smart some animals really are when it comes to survival.




hunting in Australia and the wild outback hunting wild pigs, pigging, wild boar hunting and hunting kangaroo

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